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  • Coimbatore. Chennai. Bangalore. Delhi. Calicut. Berlin. Warsaw.


Course Description

Process engineering covers a vast range of industries like petrochemical, agriculture, chemical, advanced material, food, mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, etc. Process Engineers uses chemistry principles to design and maintain chemical processes for manufacturers. Most companies rely on process engineers to build up or invent the industrial process which can help to produce various materials like food, drinks, mineral water, etc.

They can work in various fields like,

  • Oil and petrochemical companies
  • Engineering consulting firms
  • Plants that treat water
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Companies specializing in recycling and environmental protection
  • Nuclear plants
  • Insurance firms that perform refinery inspections and many others

Job opportunities are endless for a process engineer. At present, the demand of a process engineer is rising in both private and public sectors. In future, process engineers can move into senior engineer and supervisory positions. The individuals specialized in process engineering are not highly demanded in India but also needed in foreign countries. In abroad, they are offered with high salary package with many other benefits.  

Duration Bachelor's - 3 Years Master's -1.5 to 2 years
ELIGIBILITY: Min.60 % in Academic
FEES: Min. INR. 0-2.4laks / Year ( Fee Depends upon University and Country)

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