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Course Description

Climatology program objective is to help students obtain a broad overview of the physical geography of the Earth and an understanding the behavior of the atmosphere and the processes involved to produce world wide weather and climate as well as to process the causes of world climatic change. Climatologists also falls under the title of atmospheric scientists. 

Climatology is a branch in atmosphere sciences; therefore, it is specialization that an atmospheric scientist may want to attain. According to the Occupational Information Network, atmospheric scientists research and investigate atmospheric phenomena. They also interpret meteorological data. They prepare forecasts and reports for both public and other use. A bachelor's degree in meteorology is necessary for atmospheric sciences; however, in order for an atmospheric scientist to advance, one may have to attain a master's or Ph.D. with an atmospheric science specialization, such as climatology. climate science is the scientific study of climate, scientifically defined as weather conditions averaged over a period of time. 

Careers for Atmospheric Scientists,

  • Meteorologists
  • Atmospheric chemists
  • Atmospheric physicists and dynamists
  • Atmospheric scientists
  • Broadcast meteorologists
  • Climate scientists
  • Forensic meteorologists
  • Hurricane trackers
  • Meteorologists
  • Oceanographic meteorologists
  • Research meteorologists
  • Space scientists
  • Storm chasers
  • Tornado chasers
  • Warning coordination meteorologists
  • Weather analysts
  • Weather forecasters
  • Weathermen
Duration Bachelor's -3.5 Years Master's -1.5 to 2 Years
ELIGIBILITY: Minm.60 % in Academic
FEES: Minm. Rs.0 - Maxm. 2 Lakhs / Year (Fee Depends upon University and Country)

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