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Course Description

Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. As flight technology advanced to include vehicles operating in outer space, the broader term "aerospace engineering" has come into use. Aerospace engineering, particularly the astronautics branch, is often colloquially referred to as "rocket science". Aerospace Engineering is a branch of Engineering that provides skills and knowledge to design, manufacture and maintain spacecrafts, aircrafts, missiles and weapons systems.

Duties of an Aerospace Engineer include:

  • Developing new technologies for use in spacecraft, aviation and defense systems
  • Designing, assembling and testing of aircraft and aerospace products
  • Examine damage or malfunction in an equipment to find our possible reason and offer solution
  • Assessing cost and feasibility of new projects proposed to be undertaken
  • Determining quality standard acceptance criteria for design methods, quality standards, sustainment after delivery, and completion dates
  • Evaluating that the project or the product meets engineering principles, safety norms, customer requirements and environmental challenges
  • Manufacturing aircraft and individual components in coordination with the design team.

After earning their college degrees, aerospace engineering majors can choose from a wide array of careers, including positions in research, design and development, field service, marketing, software development and teaching, Commercial Aerospace Engineers. Spacecraft Designers, Engineering, Science and Data Processing Managers, Inspectors and Compliance Officers Mechanical Engineers ,Drafters.


Duration Bachelor's - 3 Years Master's -1.5 to 2 years
ELIGIBILITY: Min.60% in Academic
FEES: Min.INR 0-2.4Lakh/Year (Fee Depends upon University and Country)

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