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International Management

Course Description

Start your international career with our Bachelor in International Management. Marketing, sales and public relations, accounting, finance and controlling or HR – you can specialise and later work in these areas. You choose! Projects, excursions and lectures ensure a high practical relevance during the programme. English as a language of instruction, an internship with international companies and a semester abroad are just a few aspects that will have a positive effect on your future career.To conquer foreign markets and to globalize the value chain - these are key challenges companies face in international competition. Our programmes in International Management , prepares you perfectly for these kinds of management tasks: you learn to think in an intercultural way as well as to work across disciplines. Having gained some additional practical experience, you will be ready to take on responsible, international management functions in all kinds of sectors and in companies of various sizes.
If you enjoyed studying business-related modules in your Bachelor's degree, see the internationalization of business as an exciting development, and seek an executive position in an international company after some time in the "field", then our International Management Master's programme is the right postgraduate degree programme for you! Here, you will find an ideal study environment with small group sizes, an above-average proportion of international students, direct access to lecturers, and an extensive international network offering opportunities to complete parts of the programme abroad.
Duration (Bachelor's - 3 Years & Masters -1.5 to 2 years )
ELIGIBILITY: Minimum 60 % in Academic

Minm Fee: 150 € /Year Maxm Fee : 3000 € / Year ( Fee Depends upon University and Country )

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