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English Philology

Course Description

English philology is a discipline devoted to history and culture of English-speaking countries. Intensive development of language skills is combined with engaging studies in the fields of literature, linguistics, history and media. The English philology programme curriculum is designed to prepare the graduates for a wide range of academic and professional careers, which require advanced knowledge of several foreign languages and high level linguistic, literary and cultural competence. It offers courses focusing on the core areas of English Philology: Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Literature and Culture. All students acquire Basics of Translation Theory, English Normative Phonetics and Phonology, Integrated Text Analysis, Translation Seminars, Literature of Middle Ages and Renaissance, English Literature of Classicism and Enlightenment, Entrepreneurship, Latin, etc. The programme prepares the graduates for different careers in the public and private sector in the local and international labour market, which require the application of profound knowledge of foreign languages, literature and culture in other disciplines and applied social contexts such as education, business, law, the art, politics and the media. 

Jobs directly related to the degree include:

  1. Digital copywriter
  2. Editorial assistant
  3. English as a foreign language teacher
  4. Lexicographer
  5. Magazine journalist
  6. Newspaper journalist
  7. Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
  8. Secondary school teacher
  9. Talent agent
  10. Web content manager
  11. Writer

Jobs where the degree would be useful include:

  1. Academic librarian
  2. Advertising copywriter
  3. Arts administrator
  4. Education consultant
  5. Information officer
  6. Learning mentor
  7. Marketing executive
  8. Media researcher
  9. PPC specialist
  10. Primary school teacher
  11. Private tutor
  12. Public relations officer
  13. Records manager
  14. Social media manager


Duration (Bachelor's - 3 Years & Masters -1.5 to 2 years )
ELIGIBILITY: Minimum 60 % in Academic

Minm Fee: 700 € /Year Maxm Fee : 3000 € / Year ( Fee Depends upon University and Country )

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