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Engineering Management

Course Description

The MSC in Engineering Management provides high-level competences for modeling, optimization, decision making and management of organizations. The study programme is focused on industrial economics and marketing, planning of innovation processes and project management.
The course also provides fundamentals of mathematical modeling, data and decision analysis and optimization of complex systems.
Graduates in Engineering Management at the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics are interdisciplinary managers with advanced problem solving skills and a holistic view on modern companies in today’s economic and social context, thus able to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for complex organizations.
To get admission in this course of studies students must possess background in mathematics, statistics and physics, equivalent to the one achieved in first-level (B.A.) engineering degrees; basics principles of economics, management and programming.
Career Prospects
Graduates in Engineering Management are able to apply knowledge and skills acquired during their studies in all the work environments requiring complex decision making processes and analytical skills.
The multidisciplinary approach backed by quantitative methods can be applied to several sectors including production and logistic, financial, consultancy, healthcare or energy sectors among others.
Hence graduates in Engineering Management are hired in a wide range of positions by companies and organizations of all sizes.
The skills learned during MSc in Engineering Management can be useful in different positions. Usually the graduates in Engineering Management start in technical roles and may quickly advance to executive and managerial positions.
Their typical activities often include the development of quantitative models, optimization algorithms and decision support systems, and the implementation of technological innovations.
Duration (Bachelor's - 3 Years & Masters -1.5 to 2 years )
ELIGIBILITY: Minimum 60 % in Academic

Minm Fee: 150 € /Year Maxm Fee : 3000 € / Year ( Fee Depends upon University and Country )

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