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Communications Engineering

Course Description

Communications engineering classes are typically offered for those seeking a graduate certificate in this field. The majority of participants in such programs are already trained and employed in the fields of voice, data, or visual communications. Coursework aims to prepare communications engineers to design, maintain, and operate communications systems. An extensive background in calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra is required for some courses, and familiarity with current communication technologies is a must. Some of the common topics explored in classes are taken from the following: Transmission noise, Fourier transform, VoIP systems, Sampling theorems, Probability theory, RFID systems .Communications engineers are responsible for the research, design, development and production of communications equipment and systems .Communications engineers design and modify electrical communications systems for scientific, military, industrial or commercial use. The level of in-depth technical and design work varies; after a few years of experience many communications engineers will start to move into managerial and consultancy roles. Responsibilities typically include: managing, monitoring the performance of and working as part of a team of communication engineers and planners ,agreeing project budgets, timescales and specifications with clients and managers, undertaking site surveys, producing, testing and implementing designs, creating test procedures, producing disaster management plans ,ensuring that objectives and deadlines are met, attending conferences and briefings on new products and networks, writing reports and documentation, making presentations, managing resources, liaising with suppliers, customers, directors and other teams of staff, undertaking relevant research, analysing and interpreting data, providing technical support, organising and attending meetings. Most communications engineers work for telecommunications companies and manufacturers and installers of communication devices and systems. Self-employment via consultancy/contract work is possible for individuals with several years' experience.
Duration (Bachelor's - 3 Years & Masters -1.5 to 2 years )
ELIGIBILITY: Minimum 60 % in Academic

Minm Fee: 0 € /Year Maxm Fee : 3000 € / Year ( Fee Depends upon University and Country )

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