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Course Description

IELTS (International English language testing system) is an official assessment taken by non native speakers of the English language worldwide. The test examines the applicant's proficiency of the English language in four different modules - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. It is the most standardized test recognised by many educational institutions with professional alliances, immigration and employers globally. The test is jointly conducted by the British council and IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Anyone planning to pursue higher education abroad or planning to immigrate has to take up the test for their eligibility. Every year about 3.5 million applicants take up the test from various parts of the world to pursue higher education or for visa process or to apply for PR (Permanent resident).

Study2Europe is one of the best IELTS coaching centers in coimbatore. Many candidates have benefited from our service and successfully cleared their IELTS test. We provide well curated course training required to clear the IELTS test. We have well trained expert mentors guiding and training our candidates. Contact us immediately to know more about this course.


IELTS test are categorized into two test types:


●      IELTS General : This category is applicable for applicants who aspire to work or seek   employment abroad.


●      IELTS Academic: this test category is applicable for students wishing to pursue higher education abroad.


Analyzing your requirements, choose the right test.

Each test category is divided into four modules. The time frame of the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.



IELTS Listening test comprises four recorded monologues and conversation of the native speakers. Listen to the recording once and answer the questions in 30 minutes. This module is similar for both the IELTS test category. You will have to answer all the 40 questions.


In this module, you have to answer two tasks within 60 minutes.

 For the IELTS Academic candidate, the first task is to be answered in 20 minutes. You will be presented with a graph, chart, table or a diagram. Describe, summarize or explain the information in your own words. The word limit for this task is at least 150 words.

In the second task, write an essay in at least 250 words in response to a given point of view, argument or a problem. The timeframe given for this task is 40 minutes.

For IELTS General test candidates, the topics used are based on general interest. In task 1, you will be presented with a situation, in response write a letter requesting information or explaining a situation. The word limit is at least 150 words for this task. You are free to use personal, formal or semi formal style.

Task 2, write an essay in at least 250 words in response to a given point of view, argument or a problem. You can use your personal style.


In this module, for IELTS Academic, passages are taken from journals, research works, and subject related books. The time frame for this test is 60 minutes. You will be asked to read three different passages and respond to the related questions asked below each passage. Go through the passage, read quickly, understand and manage the time. Answer all the 40 questions.

For IELTS General, extracts are taken from magazines, books, notices, newspapers, advertisements, company handbooks and guidelines. You encounter these passages daily in an English speaking environment. The time frame and the format is the same as IELTS Academic.


 A candidate's speaking skill is analyzed by testing him/her in three different tasks. You will have to converse and interact with the examiner. Self introduction, speaking about a real time topic and a brief interactive discussion on any topic with the examiner is tested.

If your results are below expectation, do not worry, you can retake the test and there are no restrictions.

 Here at Study2Europe we have all the amenities and the resources needed to train you well in all the four modules of IELTS.


Eligibility criteria to appear for IELTS:

●      Any applicant whose age is 16 years or above.

●      Applicants who have a valid passport aspiring to pursue higher education abroad or those seeking jobs abroad or PR applicants.

●      Applicants can take up the exams numerous times till they achieve their desired score. There is no restriction.

●      Irrespective of gender, religion, age, nationality, education and culture a candidate is eligible to appear for the exam.



IELTS test score is vital if you want to pursue higher education in countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. If you want to apply to the best universities, your score must be high.



If you are an applicant planning to work abroad, the IELTS exam is one of the requirements. Employers, associates and professional bodies accept IELTS scores.



IELTS is indispensable if you are planning to move and settle down abroad. Countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have made IELTS mandatory for immigration.



IELTS test scores are reported on the scale of 0-9. Every university has its own IELTS score eligibility criteria. If you want to pursue your education at a good university, then your score should be above 6. You can get the score for each module(Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). This is called Raw score and the average of your Raw score is called Overall score.

 Do not worry about the score, we can give you outstanding IELTS training in coimbatore. We can assure you that you can attain a good score with our coaching.

Raw score and Band score conversion:

You can access the IELTS test score online. Also you are entitled to receive a copy of your test report form(TRF)  which will be sent to your mail. You can request upto five TRF copies free of cost to apply in various universities. You will be charged for extra copies if you are requesting for more than five copies.

For more information on TRF copies you can contact our IELTS coaching center in Coimbatore and we will assist you to get your copy easily.

Applicants can send their test scores to the universities either by sending their test score when registering to any universities online or write the names of five universities where your IELTS score has to be sent and submit it to the nearest test center.


Why choose our center:

Our center is emerging to be one of the best IELTS coaching centers of Coimbatore. We have vast experience in providing the most effective training. Many candidates have benefited from our services successfully. We give utmost importance to each student individually. 

 Our mentors are experts in guiding and training each candidate. Our study material and techniques were crafted and curated by experts excelling in the field of education. We give a great onboard experience to the candidates by providing them with ample practice tests and training to get them ready for the test. We also provide them with lots of tips and tricks to get a high score. We offer them a positive learning environment with friendly staff. We also give one-on-one training to learn effectively. We are happily satisfied to see our candidates clearing the test with high scores.


Get onboard with us for a great learning experience. Enroll today!




1. What is the pass mark for IELTS?


A: There is no pass or fail mark in the given test score. You will be marked within the 9 band system which will be your overall score.


2. How many times can I take this test in a year?

A: There are no restrictions or limits to take up the IELTS exam. You can appear for the exam again and again till you achieve your desired score.


3. What is the registration fees in India?

A: IELTS fee charged in 2022 is Rs


4. When will you receive your test score?


A: You will be receiving one copy of  your Test Report Form in 13 days from the date of your exam.  In case you're applying for Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) and United Kingdom Border Agency(UKBA), you are eligible to receive two copies only after you submit proof of application for CIC and UKBA.


5. How many test forms can I request for free?

A: If you list the five universities in the IELTS form, the copies of five TRF will be sent to the respective institutions. The fee for regular postage is free. But you will have to pay charges for courier service or overseas postage.

If you require an additional TRF copy apart from the five copies, you will have to pay an administration fee.


6. Which is better: British Council or IDP?

A: The British Council and IDP and Cambridge English Language Assessment  jointly own IELTS. The tests are compiled by Cambridge English Language Assessment.


7. What test modules will I take on the same day?

A: You will be taking up Reading, Listening and Writing on the same day. Speaking test will be conducted before, after or the next day.


8. What can I use for the IELTS writing test? Pen or pencil?

A: You have to use a pencil for reading and listening tests. For writing you can use a pen or pencil.

Duration 1 Month
ELIGIBILITY: Minimum 12th Pass

Rs.8000 (Unlimited Class hours)

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